bot fly eggs in mane?

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  • 07-09-2008 7:10 AM

    bot fly eggs in mane?

    My friend just called me and said that she found bot fly eggs in her mare's mane.  I have never had this issue before so thought that I would ask you all if you had any ideas how to get them out without damaging the mane. The mare is a Saddlebred with a really really nice mane and she is going to a national show soon. She is afraid to use the knife to get them out, she doesnt want to cut the mane.  She said they are all over, not just in one spot. Any ideas?

  • 07-09-2008 7:43 AM In reply to

    Re: bot fly eggs in mane?

    Hmm, not for sure, cause I don't usually get very many in the mane, and I don't show mine, so would be more likely to "spot trim" each individual egg out of the hair, but that's probably impractical.

    Try a good soapy warm water washing, and coat the hair shaft in something oily, like baby oil/vaseline to smother the eggs and maybe use the dull edge of the bot knife to scrape the hairs? Then wash and condition again. I don't know if that would work, I'm just tossing ideas out there. At least the washing/conditioning won't harm the mane so if the eggs cling, no harm done.

    Barefoot and Loving it!

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    Re: bot fly eggs in mane?

    Hopefully there aren't a ton and this will work:

    1.  Soak the mane in WARM water.  The warm water fools the eggs into thinking the horse has licked them and they sort of "release" themselves in the hopes they will travel into the horses mouth.

    2. Short the bot knife, I would then pick them out one by one with my fingernails; which is why I say I hope there aren't a ton of them.

    Hope this helpsBig Smile

  • 07-09-2008 8:00 AM In reply to

    Re: bot fly eggs in mane?

    I'd suggest using a slick 'n easy grooming block (Farnam) or some plumber's emory cloth (50 grit). Wiping the mane with a damp rag soaked in mineral spirits first will help loosen the bots. Just DAMP. Not dripping wet. And don't do it in an enclosed area or near an ignition source. Mineral spirits are flammable. And be sure to wash the entire area afterward with a grease-cutting soapy water solution, such as Dawn dish detergent, to remove the mineral spirits from the mane and anywhere else it might get on the horse during application. And don't use mineral spirits near the eyes or on the legs where the horse might be able to ingest it.

    If bots are in the mane they're probably on the legs, too. Warm moisture from the horse's mouth is what cues the bots to start incubating (a week to 10 days). Bots ingested may burrow into the mucous membranes of the mouth and intestinal tract and do permanent damage. Ivermectin is about the only commercial wormer that is effective in controlling ingested bots. So make sure your friend has the horse on a worming schedule targeted against the bot fly, too. ~FH

  • 07-09-2008 8:09 AM In reply to

    Re: bot fly eggs in mane?

    Everyone is on the strongid program, so they are good there. I will forward on these tips to her and have her try them out today and see what happens. If anyone thinks of anything else please feel free to add!!


    We keep the knife on hand to handle the egss on the legs, and we havent seen too many this year. We do however have 3 really really large horseflies that refuse to die!! They are tough little boogers

  • 07-17-2008 6:27 AM In reply to

    Re: bot fly eggs in mane?

    I think that I remember someone on here mentioning before that vinegar kills the bots eggs or makes them come loose.

    And we use a flip flop to knock those pesky giant horseflies down and then step on them.  Swatting them just makes them mad.  Wink

  • 07-17-2008 9:38 PM In reply to

    Re: bot fly eggs in mane?

     <<<Everyone is on the strongid program>>

    Unless they are getting something else Strongid will not get bots. As far as I have seen an Ivermectin wormer does not either even if they claim it does. 

    The wormer that truly worked was taken off the market when it made some people overseas sick from eating horsemeat. Sure wish we could get those wormers back. It use to be you could worm for bots and not see any of them for 1 to 3 years.

    I was at a guys place and one of those huge flys came around, he reached up and grabbed it then let it go. It's still moving!! Step on it!!! 

    He replies will die eventually, he popped the head off. He claimed they would even fly off without a head. More information then I wanted........Ick!

    Not the way I will deal with them.

  • 07-18-2008 6:33 AM In reply to

    Re: bot fly eggs in mane?

    OMG...that is so gross!!!!!  We dont have a problem with bot eggs, we see a couple every now and then. Nothing that the knife cant take care of.  However, my friend was freaking out because she didnt know how to get them out of the mane before the show. She used warm water and a little elbow grease to remove the eggs.  I didnt see them at first there were only like 10 there....Stick out tongue

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