Bad experience at animal shelter

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  • 04-04-2008 11:14 AM

    Bad experience at animal shelter

     I am so upset. I went to the shelter yesterday to get a dog for my cockerspaniel. There was a gorgeous black and white cockerspaniel there that was 2 years old and the sweetest little thing. I told the woman I wanted her. She told me she would hold her for me so I can go get my dog to see if they were compatiable. I was gone for no more that 20 min. I come back with my dog and a different woman told me that some guy went home to get a vehicle to take the puppy home. I was so mad. The woman who I talked to and told I would get my dog, wouldn't even look at me. She knew she messed up. There was another dog my husband and I were intersted in and since I had my dog already there, I asked if I could see if they were compatiable. The woman told me no because someone else had a hold on her, and went to get her dog to see if they worked out together. She asked me if I wanted to put a second hold on the dog and I said yes. She asked for my name and phone number and then just walked away. I waited because I thought she might need more info. 5 min later she came back to the desk and I asked her if she needed any more info? She said no, like I should know that already. Then I walked out to the truck and left. I was so upset, I was practically crying. It upsets me because they push to get these dogs adopted and they didn't even really give me a chance. Sorry so long. I just had to vent. thanks for listening. 

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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

    Sorry things didnt go well ,our there any other shelters in your area? My last dog came from a nearby shelter we did a search to see what was available in our area. Its amazing how many dogs are around. I needed one good with kids and animals which can narrow the search down.Good luck im sure there is a great dog waiting for you. Big Smile

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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

     Thank you for your encourageing words. The next closest shelter is 25 miles away. There adoption fee is over $125 for a dog. The one I was looking at was only $60 to adopt. i sure hope I find another dog soon. My cocker-spaniel is lonely when I go to the barn. Grant it she does have my husband and son to play with but she is "my dog". my husband says she waits at the door for me the whole time. Won't even go outside to potty. She'll hold it in untill I get home. Then when I get home she is constantly at my feet. She will lay on the couch with my husband while I'm on the computer, but as soon as I move or sit on the opposite couch, she's struggling to get down and onto my lap.  I lover her soo much but she needs a friend. She get's along with the rabbit, but the rabbit plays dirty and she gives up. So I need to find her a companion. I'll keep searching, but I doubt I'll find one that is small enough for my house. The always seem to big dogs at the shelter by me. My husband and I love big dogs but the house is to small to get a big dog.

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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

     That would be very upsetting but try to consider that they may have had many people, over the past months, say they are going home to get a vehicle, a leash, money, or whatever, and never return. Their first concern is getting a home for the dogs. Also they are human and do make mistakes. Altho you did go back and obviously they were embarassed.

    My bad experience with a dog shelter goes like this: I have wanted a dog very badly since our dog had to be put to sleep (old age complications) so I went to the county dog shelter to look around. The people were very nice and showed me where to go to look at the dogs. There were over 150 dogs and some were 2-3 in a cage - yes the cages were large enough and the place was clean. The dogs were well fed and they had some yard area where they would take the dogs out for play and exercise, a few at a time. But I felt so overwhelmed by the immensity of the unwanted dogs. It just made me sick to think some one had these dogs and then discarded them. I wanted to adopt a dozen! But not being able to do that, I just went home feeling upset about the situation. It was heartbreaking.

    You will find a dog to adopt. You can do an internet search on specific breeds, they all have their own websites. Plus there may be other shelters or adoption agencies near you and you can find these on the internet. 

  • 04-04-2008 4:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

    Try  You may just find what you want.

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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

    Aw, that's so frustrating! :(

    What about a cocker rescue near you?

    Also, the suggestion to look on is a great one! Good luck! :)


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  • 04-04-2008 8:15 PM In reply to

    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

    I am so sorry that your experience was so negative.  I have been the girl behind the counter (at a veterinary hospital), and you start to see so many people, so many animals and so many promises that you can easily get calloused.  Even so, that's not an excuse.  Keep your spirits up, it may take some time.

    On a different note, your dog may not see another dog as a substitute for you.  In fact, the problem may get worse in that she sees more competition for your attention.  There is more going on here.  But I am only somewhat experienced in dog behavior and many in my family are more than I, but I am an avid Dog Whisperer fan of Caesar's.  There may be somethings that would help her in her anxieties when you leave in his DVDs and books.  Just a thought.

    In any case, I hope you get a better response next time.  Our local ASPA costs about $100 too, but they give a lot for that (neutering, shots, deworming, etc.)

    </ </


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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

     I go on that site every day. I have not seen one in my area that will fit in my tiny house. Thanks anyway for the tip.Smile

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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

     KCS: thanks for the kind words. I love Caesar's show. I watch it as much as I can, unfortunately that's not very often. But when I do watch it, I am amazed at how well he does with each dog.  He is the coolest. I will  look into his books.

  • 04-06-2008 12:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

    Sorry about your bad experience. However, there are gazillions of animal rescuses and lots of Cocker rescues.

    Also, you might try Hearts United for Animals-

  • 04-06-2008 10:16 PM In reply to

    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

    If I was you, I would worry more about finding a dog that will get along with the dog you have now. I wouldn't be so concerned with the size of the dog. You may not want a mastiff or great dane, but a medium to large breed dog will do fine in a small house if you give them enough exercise. I live in a town house with 5 dogs (3 pitbulls and 2 rott/pit mixes) the smallest is 45 pounds, the largest is 80 pounds. Also, don't expect things with your current dog to change just because of a new addition.  I can't even go to the bathroom without 5 dogs! If she follows you everywhere now, she will always do it, no matter how many dogs you bring in. Be careful though, if she's that attached to you, she may not accept another dog in her house or around you, even if she does great with the new dog on neutral territory. Good luck in your search!

  • 04-08-2008 12:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

    I would loosen up your size restrictions too.  Big dogs don't always need a lot of space -- in fact, many of them are LESS active then smaller dogs -- those little things seem to always need to go go GO!  I have a medium sized dog (about 65 lbs -  Shep/Collie mix) and she's always been content with a small corner to curl up in somewhere and that's all she needs.

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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

     I use to own a dalmation too and with 2 dogs, the big one was always in the way, and I was always tripping on the little one.  My house is not adaquite for a big dog. My house is a 850 sq ft log cabin. It was a hunting lodge. It's very tight with me, my husband, my son, my dog, and a rabbit. Untill we move, wich will hopefully be soon, I'm stuck with a small to medium dog. Thank you for your ideas.

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    Re: Bad experience at animal shelter

    Sorry to hear about the cockerspaniel. It took awhile to find the right dog after my family had to euthanise our malamute.

    For the comment on Cesar, who ever said it, you should watch the extras on the dvd. He is so patient. What is shown of tv takes so long with some of the dogs. I remember an episode from the first season where the dog had a fear of walking on linoleum(sp?), it took about 45 mins (I think, been a while) to get it down a 40ft hallway.

    BTW, Dukey, you will find that second dog!


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